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To source all your requirements emanating from India contact the company whose family has been in this trade for one century.

AsnarcoGentlemen one fine morning in late 18th.century a feudal lords son decided to come out of his tradition and enter business which was not his family's field as 3 generations had been Zamindars which were honored by the moghul kings and later by the British Crown to be Landlords and collect taxes from the farmers. Some times it was heavy rains and some other time it was total draught which prevented the farmers to pay the taxes but the landlords were forced to collect the dues or pay from their own pockets. The young son did not like any sort of coercion and this totally changed his mind he wanted to become a tradesman.

The zamindar who was totally unexperienced had no other choice but to send the young Mohammed Daood into the service of a tradesman. The young chap worked very hard and completely came out of the Zamindars cocoon and changed to be a hard working businessman.

Asnarco At the young age of 16 he founded a firm in exactly 1900 by the name of Haji Mohd.Jan Mohd.Daood and began traversing the length and breadth of India and at times with heavy load of samples and started to book orders and came back home and executed them with the best of his ability and skills he had learnt from his master whom he served without any pay for 3 long years.

From a meager capital of Rs.100.00 the firm prospered and in the next 40 years became one of the leading firms of Moradabad in metal wares which also was growing into city from a conglomerate of 4 villages and became the epicenter of Brass Trade which the great moghuls had bestowed on the inhabitants of these villages after the Rustam Khan the grand general of the Mughal empire had founded Moradabad after the name of the son Of Jehangir.

By this time young Mohd Daood had grown into an experienced businessman with a family and 5 sons.
The upheaval of partition in the 1947 brought great losses to the firm and Daoods young son Atiq-Ur-Rehman decided to leave the local scenario and enter exports. With a small old typewriter and, meager funds at his disposal he started writing letters to foreign buyers and would walk every day the morning 2 Kilometers to the pot office if he was lucky to have any response. His efforts bore fruit and by the dint of his had work and performance his company was one of the first one break all records of Moradabad and anchored the sales of Rs.30 Lakh when the basic raw material was hardly one Rs. per Seer.

At the zenith of his glory a son was born to him who was born with not a silver or gold spoon in his mouth but a BRASS spoon.Following the steps of his father the young Anwarkamal just like his grandfather founded this company in 1967 without basking n the glory of his father he use to cycle to college to complete his studies doing his intermediate and in free periods taking the materials to his workers and artisans and fulfilling his dream to follow the footsteps of his father and become a reliant and honorable businessman.

AsnarcoGood luck and fortune brought even dividends and this company by the dint of its good performance was able to establish very sound business relationship with leading importers and departmental stores around the world. Quality, integrity and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this organisation, which is capable and have the infrastructure to manufacture any items on ideas feeded by our valued buyers.

We offer lowest possible prices to our customers in our ever endeavor to make our customers business a big success which very few other firms do. Secondly god business prevent us traveling abroad and our prices therefore are not burdened by heavy traveling expenses of salesman or commissions paid to agents.

Our factory is situated in 12000 square foot area plus 4000 square foot showroom with all manufacturing & packing facilities in house.

Please go through the attached pages which unfortunately have failed to accommodate the quality wares we manufacture, just drop an email giving your items of interest ad we shall in no time return with our best offers.

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